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Model Common Tenure Role Description

CHRISM has developed a model Role Description to comply with the requirements of Common Tenure (CT) within the Church of England. We recommend MSEs refer to both the Church of England website, and to the relevant information on their diocesan website.

Please note that, under CT, in addition to the Role description each minister also has a Statement of Particulars, setting out their title, license and terms of service (including leave and grievance arrangements).

Our researches found some variation between dioceses in applying the legal requirements of CT, chiefly in the detail of the role description. This model is based on templates used in a number of different Dioceses: we particularly acknowledge here Durham, Manchester, Southwark and St. Albans.

The content here is on the shorter side of the templates seen, but is readily adaptable and can be expanded or elaborated to suit your needs.

Although specific to the Church of England, we consider the format and contents of this model serve as a sound basis for a role description or working agreement in any Church, and recommend it accordingly.

You can find the CHRISM model Role Description by clicking here.