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The Theology Resource Book

What is theology for those who work and minister in secular environments? CHRISM has published a resource book which poses some of the questions or reflections which face Christians working in secular environments. It offers some possible theological resources to address such questions and underpin the responses which a Christian in secular employment may make. Sometimes it may happen in reverse - theological considerations may raise the questions. Thus is theology applied. The contents of the Theology Resource Book are as follows:

  1. Reviewing the working environment
  2. Human Resources
  3. The nature of work
  4. Is there any work an MSE should not do?
  5. Is there any place in which an MSE should not work?
  6. Ministry and Management
  7. Should politics matter?
  8. Work place ethics
  9. Work place ministry
  10. Ordination and ministry in secular employment
  11. How does the ordained minister manage this ministry?
  12. What are your questions and reflections?

In addition to the Theology Resource Book, CHRISM's Workshop Plan and Training Materials enable you to lead and facilitate a workshop using the Theology Resource Book.

The Resource Book is published at £5.00 and the Workshop Plan at £4.00. Both are obtainable from Phil Aspinall, 139 Wiltshire Court, Nod Rise, Coventry CV5 7JP