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Mission de France

A missionary diocese of the French Catholic Church based in Pontigny, near Auxerre, and with an office in Le Perreux-sur-Marne, Paris. 250 clergy, many of them worker-priests, plus lay associates, dedicate their lives to dialogue with those who do not share the Christian faith, in France and beyond. They publish a substantial journal and a monthly newsletter, maintain good local networks and hold a biennial conference.

Prêtres Ouvriers

The National membership organisation of French Worker Priests, with a monthly newsletter (Courrier PO). Their cell structure has been long established, and the local teams meet regularly. They hold a three day conference every three years.


A meeting every six months, normally at a converted monastery near Frankfurt, brings together priests, ministers and lay brothers and sisters from the German-speaking countries. The majority are catholic, but several Lutheran or Reformed members are part of the network. All are involved in secular jobs, and meetings focus on the struggles of life in the secular world of work, with a very radical agenda.

Prêtres Ouvriers Internationales

An annual meeting of teams of worker priests and others, from around Europe, focusing on social and employment issues. It is hosted each year by one of the nations in turn, with others responsible for the conference content and worship. (The language of the conference is French).

The United States of America

Association of Presbyterian Tentmakers

(APT) A membership organisation of Presbyterian ministers in part time paid church work but also in secular employment. They publish a quarterly newsletter and host an annual conference each November, often attended by key personnel from the church headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. In recent years the conference has been held jointly with NASSAM.

Bivocational & Small Church Leadership Network

A US Christian service organization with a Baptist-protestant-free church heritage dedicated to the advancement of bivocational and smaller membership church pastors and leaders across America resulting in mission focused churches characterized by passionate pastors, engaged senior adults, maturing members, and connected youth.

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