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CHRISM is The National Association for all Christians who see their secular employment as their primary Christian ministry and for those who support that vision. Most of us during our major active years spend the bulk of our time, talents and energy in secular occupations of some sort, some paid, some unpaid. All of us have responsibilities and some degree of power in those roles, some are even in positions where the decisions we make can affect the lives and well-being of thousands of our fellow men and women. For those who are also Christian ministers it is vital to see how the great Christian truths are fully consistent with our working experience and with contemporary scientific and social understanding, for an essential part of our ministry must be to support and nurture those around us who also recognise and apply these truths in their working lives or are seeking to do so. The fundamental aims of CHRISM are:

To help ourselves and others to celebrate the presence of God and the holiness of life in our work, and to see and tell the Christian story there.

To foster these aims CHRISM publishes a quarterly journal and occasional papers, holds an annual conference, organises occasional retreats and pursues worldwide links.



Thursday 20th August 2020 on Zoom, 19.30 – 21.00

The Annual General Meeting will be preceded by a key-note address by John Lees starting at 7.30pm on the subject of “MSE –  saying goodbye to the promised land?” Click here for more details


The February 2021 Weekend is arranged for 12th - 14th Feb at Kairos House near Richmond in London and will take up the theme "Career, Calling and Vocation" To help us all keep in contact until then we are planning two evening on-line meetings, the AGM and address (see above) and:

Thursday 15th October 19.30-21.00  Invited Speaker and discussions

Please put this date in your diary - we shall post more details in due course